Roadtrip Around Germany – Part 9 (D)(NL)(B) Spontaneously to Amsterdam & Düsseldorf

Technology-Schnitzel Tuesday, 18.08.2015 Today we are going to visit the Technik Museum Speyer. The museum features exhibitions of many old automobiles, trains, ships and aircrafts. The main attraction is a real Boeing 747 airplane from Lufthansa which can even be explored from the inside. Back in Heidelberg we freshen up … weiterlesen/continue →

The Alps 2014 – Part 3: A Rainy Day in Munich

Back to Germany Monday, 21.07.2014 This morning we were woken up more or less rudely by some bleating sheep on the neighbouring grasslands. Why can’t I be that fit and talkative in the mornings? So we gather our belongings, have some breakfast and start towards the West since we slowly … weiterlesen/continue →