Balkans 2016 – Part 1 (D)(A) On well-known paths through Germany

The Adventure Begins Saturday, 30.07.2016 To be honest, I put off the beginning of the first big trip that I was supposed to take on my own. On Monday, August 1st, 2016, the ice hockey training should start with friends in Linz, Austria. I had already accepted to come around … weiterlesen/continue →

Roadtrip Around Germany – Part 6 (A) (D) From Lake Chiemsee to Stubaital Valley

I See the Sea Saturday, 08.08.2015 Today we want to go to the ocean, more precisely to the Bavarian Ocean. The colloquial expression Bavarian Ocean stands for Lake Chiemsee, third larges lake in Germany and the largest Bavarian lake at 79.9km². The weatherforecast is perfect, sunshine and 30°C, and so … weiterlesen/continue →

Roadtrip Around Germany – Part 4 (CZ) (A) (D) Metropolises on the Danube

Czech Puszta-Sounds Monday, 03.08.2015 Today we have to say farewell to the phantastic Moldova metropolis, because meanwhile we have an appointment with hockey friends in Linz for the Black Wings‘ training start. That means finishing the shower, paying the camping fees (somehow they forget to charge us one night, but … weiterlesen/continue →

The Alps 2014 – Part 3: A Rainy Day in Munich

Back to Germany Monday, 21.07.2014 This morning we were woken up more or less rudely by some bleating sheep on the neighbouring grasslands. Why can’t I be that fit and talkative in the mornings? So we gather our belongings, have some breakfast and start towards the West since we slowly … weiterlesen/continue →

The Alps 2014 – Part 2: Grossglockner High Mountain Road

Welcome to Austria Friday, 18.07.2014 Today there are only 200 kilometers left so we can have an extensive breakfast in the morning and enjoy the sunshine. Around noon we are leaving the RV park at the Steiner farm where, by the way, every summer the “Chiemsee Summer Festival” takes place, … weiterlesen/continue →